Friday, 12 October 2007

Nasima Tandoori

So what is next for number 1-3 High Street, East Malling? I've only ever known it as Nasima Tandoori, but from the photos I've seen the building has had a fruitful life as many different shops. The old photo below was sent to me by Diane Brazier and the other more recent one (7th September 2006) is courtesy of Stephen on flickr ( The building is looking a bit sorry for itself and I hope someone comes along to give it a bit of love and attention that it deserves. And the same goes for the old bakery (Sweets n' Treats). Even if these properties became residential this would be a good outcome. They could then feature plaques detailing their history like the old post office, etc. If anyone has heard any information regarding these properties, please let me know or post here.