Wednesday, 14 March 2007


Hello and welcome to this new blog whose focus is the beautiful village of East Malling in Kent (UK).

As the name suggests the concept of this blog is to harvest and provide a central area of interesting information (historical or otherwise) in relation to the village. As a researcher by trade I have found some remarkable historical facts by chance from a variety of sources (which I will reveal in due course) that I feel would be better served if they were noted in a central location for all to view and contribute to. I'm sure that many people who reside in East Malling (or have visited the village) have the odd fact or snippet of information, past and present, that collectively would enlighten and entertain others. In particular (and for me the most interesting part) are some historical photos and drawings that I have come across of the village that I'm sure everyone would love to see.

So lets get the ball rolling.....if you have any interesting information, pictures or drawings that you feel would benefit this site, the residents and East Malling and its visitors, please email them to me at (or, in terms of comments, you could always post them on blog itself). To whet your appetite, I will soon be adding some information on the village from some web based research I have carried out.

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